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Tournament Rules

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Rules of Tournament 


The following are the rules for Mux Gamers eSports:


Rule: 1 | Any kind of targeting, harassment, abusing, bullying or misbehaviour towards any clan or member/disobeying of any rules will not be entertained. If found, they will be immediately eliminated from the eSports Tournaments.

Rule: 2 | Hacking,using macros , Game Exploitation along with is unknown glitches are strictly prohibited. Players found doing so will be permanently banned.


Rule: 3 | Teams can register upto 6 players, changes requested later won't be considered.


Rule: 4 | Players are requested to record their gameplay on display capture, window capture is strictly prohibited in tournaments.
Do show your Task Manager prior to game. We can ask for the recordings. If you fail to provide, you will be terminated. Low-end PC players can also record via phone.


Rule: 5 | All the playing teams must have at least 3/4 of the playing players with same name/clan tag or else it'll result in a kick without any prior warning.


Rule: 6 | ID level should be 40+.


Rule: 7 | It's mandatory for all the players to join our Discord server and join voice channel during playing matches of tournament.


Rule: 8 | Punctuality is appreciated. In case of a malfunction inform the respected staff immediately. Buffer time might be considered.


Rule: 9 | In game assets and map data should be available before matches. We won't be responsible for any kind of crash, glitch issues.


Rule: 10 | Intentional clash/targeting with different teams especially on the 4th or 5th day of the tournament, would face brutal consequences. Also this is subjected to the Management's decision, if found guilty, the team would be banned from Max Gamers eSports.


Rule: 11 | Any Player playing from his/her team is not allowed to play with another lineup. If found will penalize the team and ban the player from tournament/Mux Gamers eSports for Two Weeks.


Rule: 12 | If a player didn't record his/her gameplay for a single match and has other recordings will be banned for Two Playing Days! And if found playing from his/her team will result in Disqualification of team!
Everyone Needs to have Moss Installed and running during Matches.


Rule: 13 | Punctuality is appreciated. In case of a malfunction inform the respected staff immediately. Buffer time might be considered.




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